Comments from Participants:



"The activities made me feel like I AM a person with a voice; the positive attitude makes us feel that we are worth something."



"I want everyone to have this opportunity to feel safe, tell their story and say their truth."



"This has given me a 'tool' to take back to my community that gives purpose to bringing women together in a safe and empowering way."



"You are the person who unlocked the door for me!  You are the person who inspires me!  You are the person who gave my voice back to me!  God used you!  You are held high in respect in my mind and heart!" - Jill


"I enjoy reading your paper.  I then pass it on to one of the farm women in our congregation."- Dorothy D.


"Thank you for a wonder full, wonderful weekend.  I continue to grow." - JoAnn


"Thank you for all you do to keep the annual February Statewide Gathering going.  It is awesome.  Bless you.  I now feel as if I am part of a Gathering Circle- and I am, I know it." - Carolyn


"Thank you for sending me the "Heart to Heart Woman Talk".  I enjoy reading the articles.  I can relate to many."- Germaine


"I didn't know what to expect when I came to the Statewide Gathering at the Dells, but it was one of the better things that has happened in my life.  I have been working very hard on my life changes and am doing very well.  My attitude has changed extremely.  I am more positive at work and don't let the little things make me feel inadequate.  I would very much like to express my gratitude to all of the women that were at the gathering."- Mary


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